Ignis Anima : A Multi-Media exhibit

Ignis Anima :: Soul Fire

Ignis Anima is a MultiMedia Art Production directed and produced by Kayla Arend. Created in Wyoming. 2015.


Live performance art by Luke Zender and Francesca Romo







As the audience approaches the exhibit they are swallowed by the sound and color of Ignis Anima.  A combination of original paintings, unique photography, all-encompassing sound, and motion pictures is what builds Ignis Anima as an exhibition.  This multi-media production is an expression of life as no one has seen before.

With a three projector set-up, the audience is able to view three tremendous pieces of Ignis Anima; the dance – unedited, the kaleidoscope footage, and the short film, all on loop. Surrounding the bright squares of moving images hang the paintings (created by the dance), production photography, and stills from the short film.  Keep in mind available materials, space and budget as limiting factors that can change the scope of the exhibit. What exactly is Ignis Anima?

Ignis means fire.  Anima is the animated soul.  This Latin phrase loosely defined means “soul fire”.  Ignis Anima is a multi-media production made to be experienced.  Each element of this art piece expresses and symbolizes six major processes of ones life as an experience.

The original score, composed by Madeline German symbolizes the history of the human condition while transporting the audience through the lively-hood of the Ignis Anima.  This music also gave birth to the dance.

Choreographed by Luke Zender and performed by Francesca Romo, the dance resembles perceptions and interactions with one’s life experiences.  As the Ignis Anima moves across the screen, she dances into multiple colors of paint.  As she unfurls the paint, the dance creates a new element to the production: a painting.

The paint, with its color and liquidity, represents different emotional experiences in one’s lifetime.  The dancer begins the dance bare -- a symbol of birth.  The dance continues slowly and curiously builds in speed. This crescendo of movement is meant to signify the idea that as time passes, as we perceive it, time speeds up.  Every minute that passes seems to lose a second.  Gravity is slowly pulling down on our bodies with each tick of the clock.  By the end of the dance, Ignis Anima is completely engulfed in paint/experiences, and she dies.  But with the ecological theory that energy flows as materials recycle, she opens her eyes in the end.  With a little paint visible in her eye, the true grit and sustainability of Ignis Anima is expressed.

The film embodies an outsider’s interaction with one’s life experiences.  From this, once a life’s materials are spent and all the energy has gone elsewhere, memories of your life remain, symbolized by the still-photographs that surround the projected films.  The music inspired the dance. The dance created the painting. The painting invented the film. The film produced the photography. Time is what it took to use art as the expression. 

This exhibit cultivates the imagination allowing the viewer to find his or her own meaning and understanding while being guided with one simple through line: Ignis Anima.






Total running TIME of the dance is the human lifespan.

PAINT is different emotional experiences over a lifespan.

DANCE is the perception of those experiences.

MUSIC is the historical aspect of the human condition as an idea. 

FILM is an outsiders interaction with your life's experience.

PHOTOGRAPHY is the impact after taking in the moment.

ART is the expression. 



Images provided by Jason Agrelius and Joe Mischaud-Scorza. 2014. All rights reserved.